Everyone Needs Research

research-logoEveryone does research.  Every ministry needs research.

Do you think these statements are true?  OC believes that research is the foundation of excellent and successful ministry.  In addition, it is the assumption that every OC worker will, in some way, be involved in doing research.  What part can you play?

Finding Your Way with OC Research is a collection of online courses designed to instruct OC workers in the purposes and processes of doing research in OC.  Developed from the training of OC’s research giants, Jim Montgomery, Bob Waymire, and Paul Yaggy, Finding Your Way is designed for every OC worker.

Level One introduces the purpose, value, and biblical basis of OC Research to every OC worker.  Enroll and get started today!

Level Two delves further into how research is beneficial to OC’s ministry and provides a guide to doing field research.  Whether you’re a leader, research, or mission information worker, this information is essential for the success of your ministry planning and implementation.  The first two modules of Level Two are currently available.  Enroll and get started today!

Note: These courses are currently only available to OC workers and staff.  If you’re not a member of OC, but would like to participate, please contact the facilitator and OC researcher, Russ Mitchell.


Get Moving at Work

Eight long hours sitting in that desk chair!  Wouldn’t it be nice to get the blood flowing through your legs again and lose a few pounds?  Check out this infographic from LlyodsOnlineDoctor and NeoMam Studios.


Do you have favorite exercises that you use while at work?

Reduce Your Reading Load with these 8 Text Summarizing Apps

If you’re like me, you’ve got two bookshelves and a hard drive full of books and articles to read for your work and professional development.  Check out this article for 8 mobile apps that analyze documents and summarize them for you.

Source: Top 8 Mobile Apps For Text Analysis – eLearning Industry

Learning Center Upgraded and Available

The Learning Center has been upgraded!  This upgrade includes some exciting new improvements to the mobile experience with the Learning Center.  Try it out on your phones and tablets!

We’ll continue to make changes to the site throughout Wednesday and the rest of the week, but you may work on your courses, messages other learners, and operate as normal.  Thank you for your patience.

Let us know what you think about the new features.

Upgrading the Learning Center – Site Down Wednesday 6/22

boom-1362920_640On Wednesday, June 22, 2016, we will be upgrading Moodle, the application on which the Learning Center runs.  During this time, the website will be down and unavailable to all users.  Please adjust your plans accordingly.

For our Learning Center mobile users, this upgrade will provide some exciting new improvements that will make your experience more enjoyable and seamless.  For more information on the exciting new changes, please visit the official Moodle documentation.

A second post will be issued when the upgrade is complete.

Thank you for your patience.

How Do We Minister to 90% of the Unreached World Living in Shame?

“Globally, shame-based cultures are the most prevalent. For this reason a biblical theology for honor/shame cultures is missiologically imperative.”

-Jayson Georges

India is predominantly an honor-shame culture.Billions of people in Asian, Latin, African, and Islamic societies live in a shame-based culture.  Nearly a quarter of Western society likewise lives with the honor-shame dichotomy.  How do we minister to people who don’t respond to the Four Spiritual Laws or the innocence of the Lamb of God going to slaughter?

Honor-Shame societies regulate behavior through the motivators of honor and shame.  When a person does wrong, they receive shame instead of feeling guilt.  When they do what is right, they receive honor from the society.  “The primary motivation in social situations is avoiding disgrace and maintaining harmonious relationships” (Georges, HonorShame.com)  This cultural type is most often found in Asian, Latin, and Middle Eastern societies.

Without study and practice, it can be difficult for Westerners from a Guilt-Innocence culture to understand and appreciate the behaviors, feelings, and thoughts of those they are serving in an Honor-Shame culture.  Sometimes it can lead to confusion about how to minister, present the Gospel, or disciple.

HonorShame.com has numerous resources for missionaries to learn about Honor-Shame cultures.  In addition, you can access resources to evangelize and disciple those in Honor-Shame cultures.

All for free!

Rethinking your biblical theology in the context of honor and shame can be difficult and daunting, but HonorShame.com is here to help.

Get started today!

Using Technology in Ministry

Google-Drive-iconTechnology seems to change at an ever increasing speed, especially when we think about the internet.  It’s purpose and uses have changed so rapidly that no one can really keep up without help.

Yet technology and internet software can be significantly helpful as you lead and manage your ministry.  This is especially true when it comes to facilitating communication and collaboration.  With the internet, we can communicate with anyone around the globe with a few seconds.  A few seconds more and we are collaborating with them in real time via document sharing or video conferencing.

Our organization uses Google Apps to assist our communication efforts.  But it only works if our missionaries know how and make the effort to use them.  Here to help is a series of eleven short videos to explain to get to OC’s intranet and how to use Google Drive.

Watching these videos will only take a few minutes, but in return give you tools to communicate and collaborate with your fellow missionaries for untold added value.  In addition to these eleven videos, you’ll also find many links to helpful information on many of the Google Apps and other web tools that may prove useful in your ministry.

Get started watching these videos today!


Note: These videos and the associated links are only available to current OC Employees.