New Course: Securely Communicating

“What happens when a country believes that missionaries are cultural destroyers, rebellion starters, foreign spies, or even murderers?”

– Doug Lagasse

In a world where being a Christian is dangerous in itself, becoming a missionary can be a death sentence.  Many countries around the world are religiously open and receptive.  Others are not, to the point of capturing, imprisoning, and executing religious leaders and their families.

Yet, the mandate is still there, “make disciples of all nations.”  Many brave Christians have stepped up and taken the risk to enter restricted access countries to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.  For those of us left behind, they become our heros that we love and pray for.

But these heroes are still men and women who need our help just like any other missionary.  We still provide services for them here at the USMC and we still communicate with them regularly.  To do our part in protecting them and their ministry we must communicate with them carefully and cautiously.

Doug Lagasse offers a short half hour course on the OC Learning Center to helps us learn and practice secure communication with our restricted access megamissionaries.  Learn why, how, and who we need to be cautious with when we’re communicating with them.  Making these practices second nature is necessary to protect our friends and their ministries overseas.

Click the image and let’s get started!

Note: This course is only available for USMC staff and missionaries.  It was not developed for field missionaries or anyone outside OC International.

What do you think?

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