New Course: Finding Your Way with OC Research

“The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge; the ears of the wise seek it out.”

– Poverbs 18:15

There is a reason that research in OC’s Research, Motivate, Train, Mobilize strategy comes first.  We launch all of our ministry endeavors from a place of research and knowledge.  

Whether formal or informal, research is about understanding the contexts in which we work and seeking to discern the movement of the Holy Spirit in those contexts.  Without an understanding of the context of our ministry, we simply cannot motivate, train, or mobilize godly leaders to reach all nations with the Gospel.


In this course, you’ll discover the foundations of OC Research: Why we do it and how it benefits our ministries.  This introductory course will be beneficial to all OC missionaries whether they are veteran researchers or beginners.  

To understand why OC values research so much, click the image and get started with 

Finding Your Way with OC Research


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