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How Online Education is Changing our World

In 2012, Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng from Stanford University established Coursera, an educational company that partners with the top universities to offer courses online for anyone to take, for free.  Education, freely available to anyone in the world!

This 20 minute TED talk from Daphne Koller explains what they’ve learned in the past year and a half.


You can find out more about Coursera by clicking here.

For more great videos on how the world is reimagining education click here.

How-To: Manage your Email Notifications

MP900390572Are you receiving too many Learning Center emails?  Are you overwhelmed with the amount of emails you receive?  Do they clog your inbox?  You will receive Learning Center emails for a variety of reasons.  And when you’re enrolled in several online courses and subscribed to forums, these emails can quickly fill the inbox and drown you in notifications!

There is a solution!  You can tell the Learning Center to combine all the Learning Center emails into one that you receive daily.  It’s called a daily digest.  This How-To will show you how to manage you email notifications by choosing to receive a daily digest of all your emails from the Learning Center.

There are three options when considering how you want to receive emails.

No Digest – You will receive an email for every notification.

Complete – You will receive one email daily with all the notifications of the day.  This is the recommended option.

Subjects – You will receive one email daily with only the subjects of each notification.  You will be required to click on them to enter the Learning Center and read them.

Set Your Daily Digest

edit profile

1.  Head to the OC Learning Center.

2.  Find the Settings block in the left column.

3.  Click “My Profile Settings”

4.  Click “Edit Profile”

5.  Find the setting called Email Digest Type

6.  Choose one of the options displayed.  No Digest, Complete, or Subjects.

daily digest

7.  Click “Update Profile” at the bottom of the page.  You’re set!

How-To: Subscribe to a Forum

Many courses in the OC Learning Center will have at least one discussion forum.  Forums allow participants to discuss certain topics in a delayed conversational form.  All that this means is that you’re able to talk to other students even if they are not currently on the OC Learning Center.  You may begin a conversation and an hour later one of your participants logs in and replies to your comments.

This can be especially useful when some participants are offline when the conversation begins.  The conversation is preserved and they can contribute at a later time when they happen to be logged in.

To subscribe to a forum simply means that you get email notifications whenever someone contributes to the conversation.  If you are involved in several different forums and discussions, this can be essential to maintaining your sanity.  In this How-To we’re going to subscribe to a discussion forum.  Watch this video or follow the step-by-step below.

Subscribe to Forum

1.  Head to the OC Learning Center.

2.  Enter one of your courses that has a discussion forum.

3.  Click on a discussion forum.  You can recognize a forum by the icon  forum.
sample forum

forum block4.  In the left column, you’ll notice a block called Settings.  Scroll down the page if you don’t see it.

5.  Click on “Forum Administration” to view the options.

6.  Click on “Subscribe to this forum.”

7.  You will now receive emails whenever someone contributes to this forum.

Note: You must subscribe to each forum separately.