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Defeating Hackers and Snoops

The ease of using the internet for all our work and responsibilities like work, banking, socializing, sharing information, etc. has allowed many of us to become lethargic, apathetic, or ignorant when it comes to internet safety.  12.6 million Americans were hacked and had their personal information stolen last year.  Carelessness and/or ignorance can lead you to being one of those victims.

Check out the infographic below to understand why you need to be keenly aware of what you’re doing on the internet and how to protect yourself from hackers, snoops, and potential identity thieves.

How to protect yourself from hackers Inforgraphic

This infographic is copyrighted by Hotshield VPN.  Posted with permission.

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New Feature: Course Request

Rear view of class raising handsDon’t see many courses on the Learning Center that fit your fancy?  Do you want to study something that isn’t yet offered?  Maybe you know of a topic that could be of great benefit to the OC World.  The OC Learning Center has an exciting new feature that may just solve your problem.  

Learners are now able to request new courses!  If you have an idea for a new course, you can submit it for review here: Course Request.  Be sure to include:

  • Suggested name for the course
  • Brief Description
  • Suggested Facilitator/Teacher
  • Any other information that would help us approve and construct the course.

Your request will be reviewed and you’ll receive an email letting you know whether we approved your course idea.

We’re always looking for new ideas for courses and we want to create great courses that are relevant to our missionaries.  We are looking forward to hearing your opinions and ideas.

Help us out and suggest a new course for the OC Learning Center!

Update:  This feature has been removed due to a lack of use and a misunderstanding of it’s purpose.