New Course: Sports Ministry Specialist Training

Rugby BallSports are universal.  Every culture in the world has some sort of sports or recreation.  The Indians play Field Hockey.  New Zealand boasts one of the best Rugby teams in the world. The Kenyans are known for their incredible distance runners.  Cricket draws huge crowds in Great Britain.  Filipinos love basketball.  The Americans invented volleyball.  And along with most of the world, Brazilians love football!  Sports are truly universal.

The universality of sports is the very characteristic that makes it a great tool for ministry to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is a ticket to enter any culture, connect with people, and introduce them to Jesus Christ.  Sports ministry can provide believers opportunities for fellowship with other believers, friendships with the lost, evangelism, discipleship, and even church planting.  Give the sports-minded people  in your community the chance to be introduced to Jesus through the natural context of sports and recreation. Give your church members an opportunity to serve by living and sharing Christ on the court, field, pitch, course, race track, etc.

The Sports Ministry Specialist Training course will equip you to begin a sports ministry in your local church and train other church members to assist you.  This course offers:

  • a philosophy and biblical foundation for sports ministry
  • administrating and leading a sports ministry
  • overcoming problematic issues and obstacles
  • evangelism and discipleship through sports ministry

BasketballThis course is fully online and available now at the OC Learning Center.  It is led and facilitated by Sports Ambassadors, a sports ministry of OC International.

Click the basketball to enroll and get started!!!  Or contact Dave Erickson at for more information.

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