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Power Research with Google

WGoogle Searche’ve often been told that there is a wealth of information at our fingertips through the internet.  This is true.  However, the average user has trouble finding the needed information because he or she doesn’t understand how Google works and how to use it to it’s fullest potential.

Google has recently put together a free online course about why and how to use Google to search the internet called Power Searching with Google.  The course is made up of six modules and three recorded webinars.  It includes video instruction interspersed with interactive activities.

A second “advanced” course provides twelve challenges to help you discover some of the more advanced search strategies.  Help and instruction are provided when you get stuck.

Learn to search the internet more effectively and more quickly with Power Searching with Google and Advanced Power Searching.  This course is a good step on your progress to become an effective researcher in the information and technology age.

For the research-minded, combine this course with OC’s course for beginner researchers on the OC Learning Center called Finding Your Way with OC Research.  FYW is developed by Larry and Stephanie Kraft and Russ Mitchell.  Click here to find out more about Finding Your Way.

Colors in Culture

There are about 16,500 people groups around the world each with it’s own culture or subculture defining and describing it’s members in unique ways.  One such way that cultures differ around the world is how they attach meanings to colors.

Did you know that the color Black represents death in North America but more often represents celebration in Asia?

Did you know that success is Green in Africa but Red in Japan?

Check out the infographic below to find out more about color in different cultures around the world.

Colors in Culture by David McCandless and

This infographic was designed by and David McCandless.  It is used under the license: CC BY-NC-3.0.

Coming in the Future:  A new OC Learning Center course to help missionaries begin their cultural acquisition while they’re still in their home countries with activities, questions, and suggestions.

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In the comments below, what surprised you most from the Colors in Culture infographic?