Do’s and Don’ts to Achieve Flow

Flow – that uninterrupted working time of productivity and creativity.  Many of us have experienced it at one point or another, but struggle to experience it consistently or regularly.  Instead most of our working lives are spent trapped between deadlines and distractions.

Check out the infograph below to find some ways to avoid distractions and achieve that elusive Flow.

Click image to enlarge.
Optimizing Workflow


Have you tried any of these methods?  What has worked for you?

2 responses to “Do’s and Don’ts to Achieve Flow

  1. Hey Ian, this is really good. Thanks for putting it up.


  2. I have begun to take a walk while on a cell phone call. A garden is next to my office. I am thankful to have an office that I can organize for my work.
    This infogram encouraged me to take 30 second breaks from working at the computer.

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