Using Technology in Ministry

Google-Drive-iconTechnology seems to change at an ever increasing speed, especially when we think about the internet.  It’s purpose and uses have changed so rapidly that no one can really keep up without help.

Yet technology and internet software can be significantly helpful as you lead and manage your ministry.  This is especially true when it comes to facilitating communication and collaboration.  With the internet, we can communicate with anyone around the globe with a few seconds.  A few seconds more and we are collaborating with them in real time via document sharing or video conferencing.

Our organization uses Google Apps to assist our communication efforts.  But it only works if our missionaries know how and make the effort to use them.  Here to help is a series of eleven short videos to explain to get to OC’s intranet and how to use Google Drive.

Watching these videos will only take a few minutes, but in return give you tools to communicate and collaborate with your fellow missionaries for untold added value.  In addition to these eleven videos, you’ll also find many links to helpful information on many of the Google Apps and other web tools that may prove useful in your ministry.

Get started watching these videos today!


Note: These videos and the associated links are only available to current OC Employees.

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