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OC’s Foundations

worldEvery ministry decision you make will help or hinder you as you work to accomplish God’s will for you, your team, and the USMC as a whole.  But how can we know God’s will as we make ministry decisions?

The Holy Spirit has given OC a vision, mission, strategy, and guiding principles.  These statements and values show us God’s plans and desires for OC.  If we are to be in God’s will, we must be working to accomplish the mission He has given us.  If we aren’t working towards the accomplishment of our mission, we are not in God’s will and in sin.

It’s absolutely essential that we know, understand, and are able to use OC’s guiding statements and values to make ministry decisions.  A new course on the Learning Center, Understanding OC’s Foundations, helps us to discover and critically consider OC’s guiding statements and how to use them properly.

Appointees and new missionaries are especially encouraged to visit and revisit this course so that our guiding statements not only become known in our minds but become ingrained in our hearts as well.  Our veteran missionaries could also benefit from taking this course, since we’ve recently re-written our guiding statements.

Come to the Learning Center and check out our latest course, Understanding OC’s Foundations and discover what God’s will is for OC.


Partnership in Missions

“It’s easier to do it on my own.”  “If you want something done right, do it yourself.”  “Sharing on a project would be too difficult.”

If we’re honest with each other, we’ve all had thoughts like this – reasons why we don’t want to partner or collaborate with another person, group or organization.  And at the time, they seem like good reasons.

On the other hand, God has designed humans to work together to accomplish His will.  He has structured His will in such a way that we absolutely must work together to get anywhere.  Paul describes the church as one body working together – we can’t get anything done without one another.

The Partnership in Missions suite of courses on the Learning Center provides the basics of developing partnerships with other ministries and organizations.  Find out:

  • The biblical and practical motivations to use partnerships
  • God’s Design for Partnership
  • What needs to happen behind the scenes
  • Exploring the possibility of partnership
  • Step-by-step instructions for the partnership formation meeting
  • The characteristics of an excellent partnership facilitator
  • Various network and partnership structures
  • An end-to-end example of developing a partnership

Get started with Partnership in Missions to learn how to develop a partnership from start to finish.

Everyone Needs Research

research-logoEveryone does research.  Every ministry needs research.

Do you think these statements are true?  OC believes that research is the foundation of excellent and successful ministry.  In addition, it is the assumption that every OC worker will, in some way, be involved in doing research.  What part can you play?

Finding Your Way with OC Research is a collection of online courses designed to instruct OC workers in the purposes and processes of doing research in OC.  Developed from the training of OC’s research giants, Jim Montgomery, Bob Waymire, and Paul Yaggy, Finding Your Way is designed for every OC worker.

Level One introduces the purpose, value, and biblical basis of OC Research to every OC worker.  Enroll and get started today!

Level Two delves further into how research is beneficial to OC’s ministry and provides a guide to doing field research.  Whether you’re a leader, research, or mission information worker, this information is essential for the success of your ministry planning and implementation.  The first two modules of Level Two are currently available.  Enroll and get started today!

Note: These courses are currently only available to OC workers and staff.  If you’re not a member of OC, but would like to participate, please contact the facilitator and OC researcher, Russ Mitchell.


Using Technology in Ministry

Google-Drive-iconTechnology seems to change at an ever increasing speed, especially when we think about the internet.  It’s purpose and uses have changed so rapidly that no one can really keep up without help.

Yet technology and internet software can be significantly helpful as you lead and manage your ministry.  This is especially true when it comes to facilitating communication and collaboration.  With the internet, we can communicate with anyone around the globe with a few seconds.  A few seconds more and we are collaborating with them in real time via document sharing or video conferencing.

Our organization uses Google Apps to assist our communication efforts.  But it only works if our missionaries know how and make the effort to use them.  Here to help is a series of eleven short videos to explain to get to OC’s intranet and how to use Google Drive.

Watching these videos will only take a few minutes, but in return give you tools to communicate and collaborate with your fellow missionaries for untold added value.  In addition to these eleven videos, you’ll also find many links to helpful information on many of the Google Apps and other web tools that may prove useful in your ministry.

Get started watching these videos today!


Note: These videos and the associated links are only available to current OC Employees.

New Course: Personal Security Training

In Matthew 24 Jesus teaches that challenging and dangerous times will precede his return even to the point that, if he did not cut short those days, no one would survive (Matt 24:22).  Hardly a month passes without the expulsion, kidnapping, or targeted killing of individuals like you.

In this course you will learn principles and practices to help you reduce security risks and thrive in your service.  You will learn how to build habits to help you avoid security incidents as well as what you should and shouldn’t do in the midst of an incident.  Applying these simple principles could be the difference between life and death.

This course is intended to be a precursor to in-person security training courses that include stress-inoculation exercises.

The course is available to all our workers, as well as to those within our sphere of cooperation and partnership. If you have an associate or partner in service to whom you would like us to offer the course, please send us ( their name and email address, and we’ll send out an invitation and link for them to participate.

Click here to get started!


Edit:  This course has been renamed “Personal Security Training.”  You can still find it in the same place on the OC Learning Center or use the links above.

New Course: Growing Lifelong Partnerships

From the beginning of this nation, charitable giving has hovered around the 2-3% average of personal income.  All the transactional and cultural techniques have not significantly increased our generosity for 200+ years.  We need a revolution . . .a transformation for increased generosity!

Surveys validate that an understanding of the truth that God owns it all is a key factor in donation generosity.  Once a person recognizes that they are a steward and that God is the owner, they tend to take more seriously the handling of resources.

Additionally, asking the “owner” for direction and guidance of the use of these resources becomes increasingly a pattern and then common place.  That’s revolution . . .that’s transformation!

“Money can never become the seat of true philanthropy . . .impact and effectiveness do not define philanthropy’s width and breadth.  Comprehensive friendship, love and beneficent, direct relationship (with God and our fellow man) must ever remain the foundations of the discipline.” (our development effort)

The Whole Life Offering, Eric Foley (parenthesis added)

Growing Lifelong PartnershipsTake part in our online course, Growing Lifelong Partners, and improve your relationships with existing and new partners!  Together let’s help our partners lay up treasures in heaven and celebrate with them a revolution in generosity!

Click here to find out more about the Growing Lifelong Partners online course!

New Course: Sports Ministry Specialist Training

Rugby BallSports are universal.  Every culture in the world has some sort of sports or recreation.  The Indians play Field Hockey.  New Zealand boasts one of the best Rugby teams in the world. The Kenyans are known for their incredible distance runners.  Cricket draws huge crowds in Great Britain.  Filipinos love basketball.  The Americans invented volleyball.  And along with most of the world, Brazilians love football!  Sports are truly universal.

The universality of sports is the very characteristic that makes it a great tool for ministry to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is a ticket to enter any culture, connect with people, and introduce them to Jesus Christ.  Sports ministry can provide believers opportunities for fellowship with other believers, friendships with the lost, evangelism, discipleship, and even church planting.  Give the sports-minded people  in your community the chance to be introduced to Jesus through the natural context of sports and recreation. Give your church members an opportunity to serve by living and sharing Christ on the court, field, pitch, course, race track, etc.

The Sports Ministry Specialist Training course will equip you to begin a sports ministry in your local church and train other church members to assist you.  This course offers:

  • a philosophy and biblical foundation for sports ministry
  • administrating and leading a sports ministry
  • overcoming problematic issues and obstacles
  • evangelism and discipleship through sports ministry

BasketballThis course is fully online and available now at the OC Learning Center.  It is led and facilitated by Sports Ambassadors, a sports ministry of OC International.

Click the basketball to enroll and get started!!!  Or contact Dave Erickson at for more information.