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How Do We Minister to 90% of the Unreached World Living in Shame?

“Globally, shame-based cultures are the most prevalent. For this reason a biblical theology for honor/shame cultures is missiologically imperative.”

-Jayson Georges

India is predominantly an honor-shame culture.Billions of people in Asian, Latin, African, and Islamic societies live in a shame-based culture.  Nearly a quarter of Western society likewise lives with the honor-shame dichotomy.  How do we minister to people who don’t respond to the Four Spiritual Laws or the innocence of the Lamb of God going to slaughter?

Honor-Shame societies regulate behavior through the motivators of honor and shame.  When a person does wrong, they receive shame instead of feeling guilt.  When they do what is right, they receive honor from the society.  “The primary motivation in social situations is avoiding disgrace and maintaining harmonious relationships” (Georges, HonorShame.com)  This cultural type is most often found in Asian, Latin, and Middle Eastern societies.

Without study and practice, it can be difficult for Westerners from a Guilt-Innocence culture to understand and appreciate the behaviors, feelings, and thoughts of those they are serving in an Honor-Shame culture.  Sometimes it can lead to confusion about how to minister, present the Gospel, or disciple.

HonorShame.com has numerous resources for missionaries to learn about Honor-Shame cultures.  In addition, you can access resources to evangelize and disciple those in Honor-Shame cultures.

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Rethinking your biblical theology in the context of honor and shame can be difficult and daunting, but HonorShame.com is here to help.

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Merry Christmas From Our Part of the World to Yours

Jesus Christ, the Righteous One, is the atoning sacrifice for our sins, and not only for ours but also for the sins of the whole world.  – 1 John 2:2

The only reason the world needs to rejoice and say, “Merry Christmas!”

The World Says Happy Christmas

This infographic is used with permission from Face For Business – http://ffb.co.uk.

Merry Christmas
from the OC Learning Center!

Colors in Culture

There are about 16,500 people groups around the world each with it’s own culture or subculture defining and describing it’s members in unique ways.  One such way that cultures differ around the world is how they attach meanings to colors.

Did you know that the color Black represents death in North America but more often represents celebration in Asia?

Did you know that success is Green in Africa but Red in Japan?

Check out the infographic below to find out more about color in different cultures around the world.

Colors in Culture by David McCandless and AlwaysWithHonor.com

This infographic was designed by AlwaysWithHonor.com and David McCandless.  It is used under the license: CC BY-NC-3.0.

Coming in the Future:  A new OC Learning Center course to help missionaries begin their cultural acquisition while they’re still in their home countries with activities, questions, and suggestions.

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In the comments below, what surprised you most from the Colors in Culture infographic?