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Learning on the Go

Everyone is busy.  Those in ministry probably make that statement seem ridiculously understated.  We are busy, aren’t we?

Now you can take your OC Learning Center courses on the go.  Whenever you have a minute or two during the day you can use your smartphone or tablet to check out the Learning Center and catch up on some learnin’.

The Mobile Website:

You can reach the OC Learning Center on your preferred mobile web browser.  While our website is not yet optimized for mobile use, it does function.  You’ll be able to view files, upload assignments, and interact with other students.  Keep your ears open for news of a fully optimized mobile website.

For those on the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad:

  1. My Moodle – Free
    This is the official Moodle application.  It is still quite simple, but depending on your needs, this may be right for you.  You can upload pictures, videos, and audio into your personal file area.  You can view all the participants in the site or in your course.  And you can head directly to the mobile website.
  2. mTouch$2.99
    This app functions much better than My Moodle.  It allows you to view and participate in  any course.  Most of the activities are supported.  This cannot replace learning on your computer but it can make it easier to continue learning on the go.

For those on the Android:

  1. Droodle – Free
    This is a very simple application that only allows you to view your assignments for each course.  You cannot edit or upload to your assignments.  This can be useful for those who’d like to have a mobile reminder of your Learning Center assignments.
  2. MDroid – Free
    Allows you to view any file or forum in your courses.  You cannot upload or complete assignments.  This app is most useful in you need to catch up on reading or watching material in one of your courses while you’re on the train, bus, or airplane.

Check these out and see if they’ll fit your needs.  Of course, the best way to learn using the Learning Center is still our website: oclearningcenter.org through a web browser on your computer.

Let us all know what you think of these apps in the comments below.