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Partnership in Missions

“It’s easier to do it on my own.”  “If you want something done right, do it yourself.”  “Sharing on a project would be too difficult.”

If we’re honest with each other, we’ve all had thoughts like this – reasons why we don’t want to partner or collaborate with another person, group or organization.  And at the time, they seem like good reasons.

On the other hand, God has designed humans to work together to accomplish His will.  He has structured His will in such a way that we absolutely must work together to get anywhere.  Paul describes the church as one body working together – we can’t get anything done without one another.

The Partnership in Missions suite of courses on the Learning Center provides the basics of developing partnerships with other ministries and organizations.  Find out:

  • The biblical and practical motivations to use partnerships
  • God’s Design for Partnership
  • What needs to happen behind the scenes
  • Exploring the possibility of partnership
  • Step-by-step instructions for the partnership formation meeting
  • The characteristics of an excellent partnership facilitator
  • Various network and partnership structures
  • An end-to-end example of developing a partnership

Get started with Partnership in Missions to learn how to develop a partnership from start to finish.