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Everyone Needs Research

research-logoEveryone does research.  Every ministry needs research.

Do you think these statements are true?  OC believes that research is the foundation of excellent and successful ministry.  In addition, it is the assumption that every OC worker will, in some way, be involved in doing research.  What part can you play?

Finding Your Way with OC Research is a collection of online courses designed to instruct OC workers in the purposes and processes of doing research in OC.  Developed from the training of OC’s research giants, Jim Montgomery, Bob Waymire, and Paul Yaggy, Finding Your Way is designed for every OC worker.

Level One introduces the purpose, value, and biblical basis of OC Research to every OC worker.  Enroll and get started today!

Level Two delves further into how research is beneficial to OC’s ministry and provides a guide to doing field research.  Whether you’re a leader, research, or mission information worker, this information is essential for the success of your ministry planning and implementation.  The first two modules of Level Two are currently available.  Enroll and get started today!

Note: These courses are currently only available to OC workers and staff.  If you’re not a member of OC, but would like to participate, please contact the facilitator and OC researcher, Russ Mitchell.


Power Research with Google

WGoogle Searche’ve often been told that there is a wealth of information at our fingertips through the internet.  This is true.  However, the average user has trouble finding the needed information because he or she doesn’t understand how Google works and how to use it to it’s fullest potential.

Google has recently put together a free online course about why and how to use Google to search the internet called Power Searching with Google.  The course is made up of six modules and three recorded webinars.  It includes video instruction interspersed with interactive activities.

A second “advanced” course provides twelve challenges to help you discover some of the more advanced search strategies.  Help and instruction are provided when you get stuck.

Learn to search the internet more effectively and more quickly with Power Searching with Google and Advanced Power Searching.  This course is a good step on your progress to become an effective researcher in the information and technology age.

For the research-minded, combine this course with OC’s course for beginner researchers on the OC Learning Center called Finding Your Way with OC Research.  FYW is developed by Larry and Stephanie Kraft and Russ Mitchell.  Click here to find out more about Finding Your Way.

New Course: The Biblical Basis for Research

Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom.

Though it cost all you have, get understanding.

Proverbs 4:7

OC’s strategy – Research, Motivation, Training, Mobilization – explains the process by which we minister to the church and encourage the spreading of the Gospel to the ends of the earth.  Before we can motivate, train, or mobilize the church, we must first do research.  We must know our nation, our church, and it’s people before we can even begin to think about how to reach them.

Research may be beneficial, but is it biblical?  Does God ever specifically command us to do research?  Does He ever condone it or even hint at it?  Or is this simply a strategic use of a secularly developed process?

There is no commandment, “Thou shalt do research.”  Rather we have many narrative passages showing us that information gathering or research was just done as a matter of course in the lives of God’s prophets, kings, and missionaries.  We also see many admonitions to use wisdom and planning in everything we do.  Both the Old and New Testaments testify to God’s expectation that His servants gather information before they act.


The Biblical Basis for Research will provide you a foundational understanding of research and planning in the bible.  This course is self-paced but encourages discussion with other students.  Engage with your fellow missionaries and wrestle with these issues together.  

Let’s do some research in God’s Word together.  Click the Bible to get started.

Edit: This was an excerpt in anticipation of the full course which is now available on the OC Learning Center.  Click here to begin “Finding Your Way with OC Research”.