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New Course: Personal Security Training

In Matthew 24 Jesus teaches that challenging and dangerous times will precede his return even to the point that, if he did not cut short those days, no one would survive (Matt 24:22).  Hardly a month passes without the expulsion, kidnapping, or targeted killing of individuals like you.

In this course you will learn principles and practices to help you reduce security risks and thrive in your service.  You will learn how to build habits to help you avoid security incidents as well as what you should and shouldn’t do in the midst of an incident.  Applying these simple principles could be the difference between life and death.

This course is intended to be a precursor to in-person security training courses that include stress-inoculation exercises.

The course is available to all our workers, as well as to those within our sphere of cooperation and partnership. If you have an associate or partner in service to whom you would like us to offer the course, please send us (GlobalSecureAdviser@gmail.com) their name and email address, and we’ll send out an invitation and link for them to participate.

Click here to get started!


Edit:  This course has been renamed “Personal Security Training.”  You can still find it in the same place on the OC Learning Center or use the links above.

Defeating Hackers and Snoops

The ease of using the internet for all our work and responsibilities like work, banking, socializing, sharing information, etc. has allowed many of us to become lethargic, apathetic, or ignorant when it comes to internet safety.  12.6 million Americans were hacked and had their personal information stolen last year.  Carelessness and/or ignorance can lead you to being one of those victims.

Check out the infographic below to understand why you need to be keenly aware of what you’re doing on the internet and how to protect yourself from hackers, snoops, and potential identity thieves.

How to protect yourself from hackers Inforgraphic

This infographic is copyrighted by Hotshield VPN.  Posted with permission.

Visit http://www.hotshield.com to learn more.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

You're safe with us!The OC Learning Center has recently written their very first draft of its Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.  The good news is you’re safe with us!  Please make sure you read them and are familiar with your rights and limitations.

For our OC missionaries, it is fully compliant with the policies that you’re required to agree to during your employment so you’re covered.

For our non-OC folks out there, please be sure to make yourself familiar with them.  If you’re registered at the OC Learning Center then you’ve already agreed to them but it’s important that you know you’re rights and limitations when it comes to how we use the information that you’ve given us and how we expect you to behave on the site.

Basically, we use your personal information only for use within the site itself – to keep a record of your achievements, enroll you in courses, stay in contact with you, etc.  We do not give this data to any third-party who will spam you or sell your information.

In addition, we also expect you to behave respectably and ethically on the site.  If you in anyway harm the site or any of it’s users, you will be removed and banned.

Essentially, OC and all its employees live according to the expectations and model of Jesus Christ.  We expect you to do the same.  We’ll treat you (and your information and intellectual property) with respect and we’re asking that you treat our users and website with respect.